Office of the VP for Business and Administration

The establishment history of the Administration Division dates back to the foundation of St. Mary’s College in 1998 at the status of Administrative Assistant Dean’s Office. The Business and Administration Division has gone through various re-structuring pursuant to the institution’s development and expansion. The Office took its present shape in March 2010 following the approval of the revised organizational structure by the University’s Senate, comprising three major departments, namely, Human Resource Management, Finance & Property Administration and Marketing and Development offices.

In 2014, immediately after SMU was promoted to a full-fledged University by the Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency, minor structural adjustments was made by the Senate to the Business and Administration Division, where by the Property & Facility Management and General Services were merged as one major department and the Marketing and Development Office was moved to another pertinent office. 

The current organizational structure of Business and Administration Division constitutes the Admin Council, an Executive Committee, the Vice President, Human Resource Management, Finance Management, Property and Facility Management, Legal Services and Audit & Inspection offices as major departments. 

Led by the Vice President, the Business and Administration Division is primarily responsible to provide the necessary support to the success of the various academic operations of the University. 

More specifically, the Vice President for Business & Administration Division is responsibilities to:

  • advise and assist the President in matters related to finance & administration;
  • direct and coordinate, in agreement with the President, the general limits of administrative and financial activities of the University;
  • provide leadership on efficient management of facilities and resources;
  • ensure implementation of recruitment and promotion of staff as per the University’s rules and regulations;
  • ensure that necessary support, which enables the university deliver efficient services to its customers, is provided from the admin wing; and
  • develop and maintain smooth working relationships between the administrative service units and the academic wing.


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