On June 10, 2023, the Center for Educational Improvement and Quality Assurance (CEIQA) organized a good practice sharing session at the Syndicate Room. The Director of CEIQA opened the session by underlining that sharing best practices is an excellent way to create a quality culture and ensure that everyone is on the same page. He then invited the Basic Courses Department and the Student Support Services Office to share their best experiences. 

Ato Manaye Adela, Head, Basic Courses Department, presented the strengths, achievements, challenges, and future aspirations of his department. He said that the Department of Basic Courses has been offering common courses across all departments and engaged in research, and community engagement services. 



He attributed the success of the Department to the close follow-up and timely intervention in the teaching and learning practices, and the challenges through proper implementation of continuous assessment with close support and immediate feedback. Moreover, he praised the friendly and respectful collegial approach and the spirit of teamwork among the staff members. 



Hirut Ebdo, St Mary’s University Student Services and Support Office (SSSO) Head, described teamwork and collaboration with other staff as best practices of the Office in fostering a collaborative environment to ensure effective and efficient service delivery to students. 



During the meeting, the Book Club and the Charity Club presented their annual performances and were recognized as the best practices that exhibited outstanding performance by the top management and the University’s staff who were in attendance. 



Finally, discussions and comments were forwarded by the participants. Then, the President of the University closed the session by highlighting the significance of such sessions to enhance the quality and standard of the University and acknowledged CEIQA for organizing such an event.