ICT Development and Support Unit (ICTDSU)


The ICT Development and Support Unit (ICTDSU) of SMU was established at the beginning of September 2010 with the objectives of building state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure and mainstreaming the ICT-based services in the teaching and learning, research, consultancy and administrative activities of the University. The Unit also aims at ensuring sustainable use of the technology by providing hardware, software and network maintenance services. At SMU, ICT is viewed not only as a support service but as a driving force in providing quality education. 


The Unit has three major sub-units namely Network & System Admin, Hardware and Network Maintenance, and Systems & Computing Services. The three sub-units are organized at the University level to provide support services to both the Undergraduate and Graduate studies. There are also computer laboratories at both the Undergraduate Campus and the School of Graduate Studies, which provide services to students.


The Network & System Admin Sub-Unit provides the following major network and system related services:

  • managing and configuring Web servers that provide access to various web-based applications including Registrar, Human Resource, KOHA Library System, GLPI, and Moodle;
  • managing contents; 
  • managing and configuring DHCP server and MS-Exchange server;
  • securing the University’s system from external threat through managing and configuring ISA server;
  • managing, configuring and establishing new LAN connection;
  • maintaining LAN connection failure;
  • managing wireless connection; 
  • managing gateway to the internet; 
  • increasing the publicity of the website of the University using search engine optimization;
  • installation and setup, configuration, upgrading, administration, monitoring and maintenance of the database management systems (DBMSs); 
  • establishing security and access control procedures; and
  • performing ongoing administrative function and ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery plans are in place for the institution’s databases.


The Hardware and Network Maintenance Sub-Unit provides different services to offices and computer labs including installing operating system; configuring required software; upgrading hardware; taking backup; handling virus problems and recovery issues; rearranging computer resources; basic maintenance of hardware, application and system software; and monitoring lab resources.


The Systems & Computing Services Sub-Unit is responsible for:

  • studying the existing manual system of the University and developing a software that improves the University’s services;
  • customizing open source software; 
  • assessing software needs, conducting requirement analysis, proposing system development and following up the development and deployment of the system;
  • managing the acquisition and disposal of computing resources;
  • assessing the service quality of the ICTDSU and introducing improvements;
  • guiding consultancy and outreach services of ICTDS unit; and 
    • Identifying basic ICT training needs of the staff of the University. 


Undergraduate Campus

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