The Faculty of Business, St. Mary’s University awarded Letter of Appreciation to three of its staff for their exemplary deeds on the 22nd of November, 2022 at the Multipurpose Hall of the undergraduate campus.  

The three acknowledged heroes of the event are:

Ato Abate Lakew, for his unreserved commitment to get engaged in diverse activities at Department level, such as mentoring and sharing his thoughts with successive department heads related to tasks at the Department.  

Ato Asefa Belay, for his commendable performances at the Management Department, including doing the task of need assessment to launch Department of Economics and student satisfaction survey. He is also condoned for publishing two articles in international journals this year.  


Ato Fetene Shimelis, for his committed assistance to the Department, in general, and for showing enthusiasm to accept the position of head to the newly launched Economics Department. 


During the ceremony, Getu Alemayehu, Dean, Faculty of Business said that the award is meant to acknowledge and appreciate their contributions to the Management Department, Business Faculty, in its endeavor of fulfilling its duties and responsibilities as well as accomplishing the annual plan successfully. Moreover, during their long-time service at the University, they have provided invaluable support in various activities the Department has engaged.