SMU trains high school teachers 

St. Mary’s University (SMU), in collaboration with CUSO International Ethiopia, trained secondary school teachers from June 11 – 14, 2022 in the premises of Assossa Secondary School. The training intended to build on teachers’ English language teaching skills and thus contribute to their improved delivery. 



The training was given after needs assessment was conducted and the teachers’ knowledge and skills gaps were sorted out. Following the needs assessment, a training material was developed and the training was organized in a manner both respond to the identified gaps.  



Trainees were introduced to a variety of English language teaching and learning strategies, methods and resources. It was emphasized, during the discussion, that there are many ways English can be taught using available resources, including cell phones. To help trainees see how this can be done in their classrooms, the trainers demonstrated a number of language teaching activities and games which can help teachers teach and students learn English better. Creating a free and non-intimidating environment for students was another main issue well addressed and demonstrated in the training.  


The experiential delivery of the training gave trainees the opportunity to practice the different strategies which would enhance the teaching of English language in their respective classrooms.  


“The training was exceptionally interesting but the time allotted for it was too short” said one of the participants. This view was shared by almost all trainees. Appreciating the relevance of the contents of the training and the creative delivery of the workshop, another participant proposed such training should be organized at least twice a year to help them refresh their memories and get exposed to new ways of teaching English. “This training is very useful and should be given to other colleagues who did not get the chance as it helps them improve their teaching” said another participant. One of the participants commented that “It is not only the training but the module also helps us do our job differently.”   



Ato Musa Asadik and Ato Yohanis Taye, delegates from the Regional Education Bureau, made closing remarks. In their closing speeches, they appreciated SMU for developing such a carefully designed module and the very fruitful workshop. They also expressed their hope that the training will have impact on the results of the students.  


The training was brought to an end by handing out “Certificate of Participation”.  



The 38 teachers were drawn from seven secondary schools in Beni-Shangul Gumuz Regional State. The training was given by English language teachers of the St. Mary’s University under the auspices of the Office of the Vice President for Research and International Relations and the Short Term Training Unit.