The coronavirus scourge is engulfing the whole world with an alarming rate of spread. Since the first confirmed case was reported in Ethiopia, people are being advised to take the necessary measures to prevent themselves from the virus. Our schools and universities are one of the most susceptible spots given the fact that we have around 30 million students in schools and nearly a million in our universities. Not only the huge concentration of people but the nature of our tasks which require frequent gathering and active interaction demand that we address the danger in a more organized and informed manner. Although the recent closure of schools and universities will significantly reduce our physical interactions, this does not mean that it will grant us complete immunity from the virus. We can only be safe when we are focused and not complacent about the virus. As an informed community, it is important that we avoid panic, seek the right information about the nature of the virus and act properly. As those among the privileged few in an illiterate society, it is not enough to seek information and knowledge for ourselves. We should also not hesitate from sharing the right information and offering the necessary advice to others so that citizens do the needful at this time of global crisis.

Wherever you are, it is important that you take all the necessary precaution to prevent yourselves and others from this deadly scourge. In order to assist in the fight against COVID- 19, St. Mary’s University will regularly post important information and health briefs from local and global sources and health authorities on our website, facebook, telegram and youtube. We shall also post educational materials and tasks that will keep you active during your stay at home. Please ensure that you check these platforms regularly based on the direction given by the university. We have set up hotlines in all our campuses in order to provide our community, near and far, any kind of assistance you might need. Do not hesitate to call us when you are in need.

St. Mary’s University fervently believes that we can overcome the scourge if we stand as one family. Let’s keep calm, get informed and act in unison!!

Best wishes,

Wondwosen Tamrat (Associate Professor)
President, St. Mary’s University