SMU offers  a variety of testing services through its Testing Center. This includes international tests like TOEFL and GRE tests, occupational placement tests and COC style tests.

TOEFL and GRE Tests


Thousands of institutions require TOEFL and GRE test results as a prerequisite for joining their institutions and have recognized the TOEFL and GRE tests program. Thus taking a TOEFL and GRE tests, which are offered throughout the world by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) found in New Jersey, USA, in collaboration with its partner Thomson Prometric is a must for your academic success.


Unlike Paper-Based Tests, the TOEFL and GRE Internet Based Tests (TOEFL iBT) are conducted by Internet. Therefore, this requires that a candidate for these tests be skilled in the use of computer. Thousands of agencies and other institutions in many countries accept TOEFL and GRE scores. Other organizations, too, rely on these scores.

St. Mary's University is a pioneer in Ethiopia in terms of providing internet based tests in TOEFL an GRE.The unit responsible for this service is located at the third floor of the main campus behind Ethiopian Petroleum Enterprise, three hundren meters below the Federal Police Headquarters in Mexico Square.The following notes should be strictly adhered to get the service.


The registration fee must be paid in full using credit cards in one’s name, or using checks or money orders, or e-check where they can be drawn from a bank in the U.S. and made payable to “ETS-TOEFL/GRE iBT.”, or using vouchers obtained from the TOEFL/GRE iBT Test Resource Centers. Early registration, at least three or four months before the test day, is advisable, since places fill up early and for preparation on the test. However, the regular registration date ends seven days before the test day. And late registration ends three days before the test day (subject to extra charge fee). On registration all personal information must be entered carefully. The test taker enters into an agreement with the ETS and needs to observe all the rules concerning the test taking procedures.

Upon payment of the registration fee, registration can be made:

Online (,

By phone (31-320-239-593),

By E-mail

(, or

By Mail


ATTN:PTC Registration

P.O.Box 2024

8203 AA-Lelystad

The Netherlands.

For further information one can contact St. Mary’s University , TOEFL iBT Center, at the School of Graduate Studies (Bole Campus).


The TOEFL  and GRE tests have a number of test dates and locations in the world. Exact test dates are fixed by the ETS, but up on registration the test taker can select the most appropriate date for her/his test. Here, in Ethiopia the tests are given at the international Test Center found in St. Mary’s University , at the Main Campus, Addis Ababa. On the test day, the test taker should appear at least half an hour before the scheduled testing time to be checked in. She/He ought to appear with all the necessary materials important to sit on the test like a valid ID card; and during the test session she/he needs to respect the test center’s rules and procedures.

If you decide to take the any one of the tests, you can get detailed information and assistance from the SMU international test center.

   Main campus

Telephone: 0913250579

(251) 115 51 09 91

Fax: (251) 115 53 80 00

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

P.O.Box 18490/1211


COC Style Tests


The Technical and Vocational EdUniversityation and Training (TVET) program is condUniversityted for different Levels of trainees, in accordance to the Occupational Standards specified and stipulated by the Federal Office of Occupational Standard Development and Assessment Core Process.


The TVET CoC Test is administered to TVET graduates by every Regional State and City Government TVET Agency through its Occupational Competency Assessment and Certification Center (OCACC). A TVET graduate has to pass this test which has knowledge and practical parts and is administered by professionals both from academia and the world of business and industry. It is only when a TVET graduate is sUniversitycessful in the test that he/she will be certified and is able to be employed or continue higher edUniversityation at undergraduate degree level in the future. Therefore, it is of prime importance that a TVET graduate sits for CoC Test and gets certified.How to sUniversityceed in this test and also better prepare for the world of work is the worry of every TVET graduate.


The CoC Test is based on the Ethiopian Qualification Framework already developed at the national level. So far, the failure rate of TVET graduates from all institutions in CoC Tests has been high. Therefore, in order to ensure mastery of occupational standards by trainees, the Testing Center of SMU prepares CoC-Style Tests every year for graduating students and past graduates of the University. The CoC-Style Tests and the refreshment program which follow up ensure better mastery of units of competencies. Indeed, the practice of CoC-Style Test helps better mastery of knowledge, skills and attitude by trainees.


The Testing Center of SMU gives CoC-Style Tests for TVET prospective and past graduates to alleviate the problems of TVET CoC Test takers. The CoC-Style Test (both knowledge and practical), which is given at SMU helps graduating students and past graduates to gain experience, and identify deficiencies on which they should work and take corrective measures, in order to be fully competent for the Occupational Levels they belong to. Moreover, the whole exercise helps them to prepare to sUniversitycessfully prove their competence in the world of work.


SMU CoC-Style Test is given at least once in a year for both TVET Regular Program and College of Open and Distance Learning of SMU prospective and past graduates. Each year the time of the condUniversityt of the tests isannounced in advance, and during theintervening time between the announcement and the administration of the test registration of test takers takes place.


CONDUniversityT OF THE CoC-Style TEST


The CoC-Style Tests are annually condUniversityted by the Testing Center of SMU. Announcements are made in advance indicating time of registration as well as the time of the condUniversityt of the tests. The tests for TVET Regular Program graduates are given at SMU, Mexico (Main) Campus. For graduates of the College of Open and Distance Learning, the tests are given at Coordination Centers in the Regions.




CoC-Style Test results are disclosed to students at the end of the assessment. Test results are not to be reflected in any record of the graduates as official measures of assessment.


The results of the CoC-Style Tests at SMU are used, in order to gather information on trainees’ deficiencies in mastery of units of competencies. These are carefully compiled, and used to prepare the contents of the refreshment programs.




Trainees who did not come up to (meet) the competency standards expected of them need to join the refreshment programs given by their respective academic departments of SMU, and at the same time study on their own, so as to overcome their deficiencies, and face better prepared the worldof work that awaits them. Trainees who join the refreshment program have to pay a small amount of tuition fee.