Student Support Services Office (SSSO), Undergraduate Program 

The Student Support Services Office, headed by a Dean and reporting to the Executive Vice President (EVP), is committed to provide quality support services to the wellbeing and academic development of students. The Office acts as an advocate for students, consults and works with individual students and student groups and works with other offices in the University in creating a sense of community at SMU. It works in collaboration with all departments and offices of St. Mary’s University (SMU) to realize the vision and mission of the University. The Office is responsible for all student support units, such as Guidance and Counseling, Student Wellness, and the Student Union through student engagement. It liaises between students and SMU in particular and the outside community in general. 

SSSO uses several student clubs and functional units to get closer to students and work toward helping them be successful in their studies. 


First Aid Clinic 

The Unit pays special attention to students' physical and health care, cleaning campaigns and organizes female-led discussions on health issues. 

Duties and Responsibilities of SSSO 

The Student Support Services Office is entrusted with the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Advocate for students;
  • Organize orientation for new students;
  • Organize students’ day (welcome events);
  • Organize farewell events;
  • Provide students with general information related to rules, regulations, procedures etc. of SMU during orientation, on Thursday Coffee Ceremony Talk Show program and during Question and Answer Competition;
  • Provide support to students with visible and invisible disabilities (when academic schedules are prepared. The Office will make sure that such students are assigned to the classrooms on the lower level of buildings; brings books to students with physical disability in collaboration with the Library; support students with invisible disability according to their needs as much as possible);
  • Organize tutorials on major and supportive courses and the English Language;
  • Assist students to develop their English communication, oral presentation and writing skills (in collaboration with the Department of Basic Courses); and 
  • Create platforms to respond to students’ grievances and handle their appeals by arranging meetings to address issues with the pertinent body.



Undergraduate Campus

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