Establishment History

Career and Internship Unit is one of the service rendering offices functioning under the academic division within the regular undergraduate program of St. Mary’s University which is located adjacent to Wabe Shebelle Hotel.


The opening of the Office was connected to the commencement of offering courses related to the TVET and Teacher Education curricula. The curricula presupposed that the fields of training were to be highly supported by practical courses, among which practicum for teacher education and apprenticeship (later on called internship and then cooperative training) for TVET were at the forefront.


The Unit became operational in January 2004 with a Vocational Counselor entrusted with responding to the needs these programs. The office was responsible for facilitating and coordinating the implementation of training through learning by doing mode where students get assigned to actual work environment. At its inception, the Unit (office) handled off-campus training of students (the then Practicum and Apprenticeship) in the diploma and TVET programs. In the subsequent years, its capacity increased both in manpower as well as in scope of tasks. Now, the office consists of four staff members with the necessary facilities and equipment.


Following the institutional shift from TVET to and expansion of first and second degree programs, the Unit’s responsibility has also moved to the coordination, implementation and follow up of Internship in the degree programs. Internship is a two-credit hour course offered for two months to all degree program students in Kiremt of the second year of studies on block basis.


Currently, the Unit’s scope has expanded by including various aspects of career development. Career development, as one of the major tasks of the Unit, includes the provision of various supports to enhance students’ learning, working and successful venture through services such as career guidance and counseling, career information, job placement, and brainstorming on employability skills, sharing entrepreneurial experience of successful persons, etc.


The office has the following objectives:

      • To implement (plan, coordinate, monitor, evaluate and report) internship in all degree programs;
      • To aware students about actual work environment (expectations of employers, the social environment, ethical considerations, etc.,) through internship and experience sharing sessions;
      • To increase students’ employability skills through orientation and short-term training of various types such as on interview and communication, CV writing, application writing, etc.;
      • To provide students and graduates with vocational information and available opportunities and sites for job search including by compiling list of potential employers and their addresses;
      • To facilitate employment services for graduates through registering job seekers and responding to employers request;
      • To create link and establish relationship and partnership with stakeholders and collaborators to facilitate internship and employment;
      • To contribute to students’ success through vocational guidance and counseling services.


Services for Students

The Unit provides the following services to SMU students and graduates.


      • Implementation of internship: orientation, placement, follow up and reporting;
      • Job placement for graduate job seekers when they apply or register for the service;
      • Provision of career information;
      • Career/vocational guidance and counseling.


Partnership and Cooperation Related Services

To achieve its objective, the unit has established partnership & cooperation scheme that would enable it link itself with various organizations. In this regard, the services available are:-

      1. Providing employers with skilled and qualified graduates of various fields of studies in degree programs for recruitment;
      2. Placement of interns for training/practice to fill HR gaps of employers;
      3. Conducting capacity building training to employees of partner enterprises on tailor-made approach.


Undergraduate Campus

Telephone: +251-11 551 0933 , +251-11 553 8020 (ext. 110)

P.O. Box: 1211 /18490

Addis Ababa