Dear Graduates,

Congratulations on your successful completion of your studies! After passing through the grueling peak period of COVID-19, it is not an easy exercise to get focused on academic matters. Your perseverance along your journey to today’s graduation will certainly enable you withstand the difficult encounters you may face while pursuing your careers in the future. Critical moments require critical decision making ability and the patience to have some time for self-reflections. That is what university education is up to; it has enabled you examine alternative possibilities to solve problems.

Your stay at St. Mary’s is memorable for a number of reasons. COVID-19 aside, the drought in the eastern and southern part of the country, and the worsening living conditions aggravated by the conflict in the north, have made life all the more daunting. Yet, despite these problems, your persistence to succeed has made you overcome the challenges and attain your objectives.

This year’s graduation has peculiarities; the graduation ceremonies of both Bachelor’s and Master’s programs are taking place under one roof, and evening class graduates outnumber their undergraduate counterparts except in that of the Computing Science ones. This is attributed to the curricular change at national level, which has made all regular undergraduate business fields of studies a four-year program.

Finally, assuring you that St. Mary’s University will always be at your service in times of your needs, you also should get connected with fellow graduates through social media as has been the case with our alumni in the past.

Once again, congratulating you on your success, I wish you all the best in your future career.

Wondwosen Tamrat, PhD, Associate Professor

President, St. Mary’s University