The Associate Registrar’s Office of CODL at St. Mary's University (SMU) is responsible for managing the academic records of students. The office started its operation in 1999 when the University initiated this branch of the University with the first batch of 52 students. The number of students has consistently increased each year and has now reached to a remarkable amount. More than 26,000 students have graduated to date.

The Associate Registrar’s Office stands to provide the highest level of customer-centered services to the academic community and stakeholders with a particular emphasis on academic records, academic progress, enrollment data, and academic certification.


Duties and Responsibilities of CODL’s Associate Registrar’s Office


The Duties and Responsibilities of the Associate Registrar’s Office are:


      • Facilitating the enrollment of students and generating the most reliable enrollment data;
      • Timely processing of students’ grades;
      • Providing accurate information on student progress;
      • Providing timely and efficient academic certification; and
      • Properly maintaining records of students.