Institute of Quality and Productivity Management (IQPM)

Institute of Quality and Productivity Management (IQPM), St. Mary’s University, was launched in 2015. The Institute of Quality and Productivity Management delivers MSc in Quality and Productivity Manage­ment and other long- and short-term training programs to professionals in the public and private sectors in class, on distance and blended format. 

The most popular internationally recognized qualifications courses offered under the Institute are:

  • Business Excellence
  • Kaizen quality and productivity improvement
  • Quality Professional
  • Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) 


The training and graduate program address a broad prospective of issues related to quality improvement tools, customer service and management skills to achieve tangible and measurable results for enhanced organizational excellence. They also address the current demand for qualified professionals in quality and productivity management which has become crucial due to globalization and free trade. 

The programs are suitable for managers, engineers, and staff with  a passion to quality. It is also of vital importance to all interested to improve their knowledge on quality and productivity management, people working in public/private service and manufacturing environment, consultants, and trainers who wish to enhance their capabilities for flexibility and responsiveness ensuring better quality and delivery performance, suppliers who want to profit through customer satisfaction, human resource professionals who wish to challenge the current paradigm in their organizations and make a vibrant place to work, and professionals responsible for pursuing the business excellence initiative in their organization.

Our Trainers at IQPM are professionally qualified experts, Certified Lead Auditors, Six Sigma Black Belts, highly experienced and talented to provide training in the field of Quality and Productivity.


International partners

  • Institute for performance Excellence, Massachusetts, USA
  • MASSAD College for Quality, Haifa, Israel
  • American Society for Quality (ASQ), Wisconsin, USA.
  • National Graduate School of Quality Management (NGSQM) of Massachusetts, U.S.A.



Main Campus

Telephone: +251 11 552 4503 


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P. O. Box: 1211/18490

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia