Testing Center

St. Mary’s University Testing Center ensures the proper standards of academic assessment and evaluation at SMU. The Testing Center develops up-to-the standard assessment instruments for the College of Open and Distance Learning (CODL) as well as undergraduate conventional learners so as to ensure that the education and training that are offered at the University meet the required quality and standards. The Center develops and administers admission and exit examinations. It is also charged with providing recruitment, placement and career promotion tests for employers.   

The Center also gives training and services in measurement and evaluation and pedagogy to the public at large. Some of the test services provided by the Testing Center for employment/placement cover areas of Accountancy, Auditing, Finance, Marketing Management, Management, Business Administration, Project Management, Risk Management, Procurement & Supplies Management, Archives Management, Customer Service, Database Management, Computer Programming, Software Engineering, and Computer Networking. 

Apart from the local services, the Center administers internet-based TOEFL, Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), Praxis, CISI and other International tests.  

Capacity building is the other major task the Testing Center is tasked with. To help the academic staff enhance their knowledge and skills, the Center provides need-based training to faculty on diverse academic assessment areas. 

Working hard to deliver better quality work, the Testing Center is guided by the motto: “GOOD IS NOT ENOUGH WHEN BETTER IS EXPECTED!”


The Testing Center shall:

  • Give training on educational measurement and evaluation and related pedagogical problems for academic staff of the University and others out of the University up on request;
  • Prepare and administer Comprehensive Degree Exit Exams and University Entrance Exams;
  • Conduct research on problems of assessment and pedagogies;
  • Ensure proper implementation of criterion-referenced assessment;
  • Prepare articles on education and assessment and disseminate them to concerned stakeholders;
  • Engage in tutorial program and evaluation of CODL modules and term-end exams as well as invigilation of SMU graduate, undergraduate and CODL programs;
  • Conduct item analysis and trend evaluation of course exam items and give feedback reports to the concerned academic bodies;
  • Assist Kidist Mariam Preparatory, Secondary and Elementary Schools in the preparation of exams and provision of training; 
  • Actively participate in community outreach programs;
  • Perform any other duties assigned to him/her by the EVP. 


Telephone: (251) 11 551 09 91 

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P. O. Box 18490

Addis Ababa