The Academic Dean’s Office 

The Academic Dean’s office comprises Material Development and Tutorial Unit (which is responsible for Preparation of Distance Education Curricula and self-instructional materials and coordinating tutorial services);  Academic Counseling and Support Service (which is responsible to conduct, promote and coordinate Academic Counseling, Cooperative Training, Practical Attachment, Internship, Laboratory and  ICT Training); Exam Administration and Control Unit (which is responsible for preparation and administration of term-end examinations and assessment of exams, assignments, project works and senior papers/projects ); and Computerized Exam Correction and Grade Processing Unit  ( which is responsible to conduct computerized exam correction and process exam grades to the Registrar Office).

The Academic Dean’s Office of CODL is responsible to:


  • Prepare the distance education curriculum on the basis of the Harmonized National Curriculum and in collaboration with the College’s Lectures;
  • Train distance education material writers;
  • Prepare /assist the preparation of guideline for material development; 
  • Select course writers with the required experience and training, and assign them on contract basis;
  • Follow up tasks assigned to course writers and report the same to the CODL’s Vice President; 
  • Prepare and edit manuscripts on the basis of the in-house style of the University;
  • Render term-based tutorial services;
  • Upgrade assessment mechanisms through automation with the support of state-of the art technologies;
  • Administer term-end examinations with the required sense of responsibility and level of professional ethics;
  • Provide improved academic counseling and support services to distance learners;
  • Provide focused service deliveries at different levels;
  • Organize on-the-job training to the professionals and support staff of the Office;  
  • Produce qualified human power in different vocations;
  • Equip distance learners with practical knowledge and skills required to engage themselves in the education and capacity building of citizens;
  • Evaluate term-end examinations by Computerized Exam Correction and Grade Processing Unit;
  • Enable trainees to adapt themselves with the world of work, professional ethics and discipline of their career; and 
  • Execute other tasks assigned by CODL’s Vice President and CODL’s Council. 



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