General over view of SMU’s training & development Program

St. Mary’s University is having more than one thousand employees who are serving the institution both at the head quarter & branch offices found in Addis Ababa and in different regions of the country.

The University strives to change & upgrade the attitudes, knowledge and skills of employees through a planned and persistent training and development processes. Besides, the institution uses training and development program as a means to constantly improve employee competency levels, departmental and institutional performance as well as to achieve its overall strategic objectives.

Similarly, any training and development program is designed based on institutional training needs assessment that takes into consideration institutional strategy, employee performances, technological change and many other factors.  So that it can be deliberately aligned to the strategic direction and objectives of the institution.  The University has adequate training facilities and equipment such as syndicate rooms, LCD, OHP, a multipurpose hall, computer Labs, and training rooms. In addition, qualified and experienced staff and external trainers are used for the training program.

The institution has conducted quite a number of training programs on various subjects such as “Leadership and Management,Human Resource Management, Supervisory management, Records Management, Change and Conflict Management, Leadership and Delegation, Management of Quality Assurance, Audio Video Materials Script writing and recording, Basic Computer Application, Customer Service, Counseling, support services for distance learners, Training on Self Instructional Material writing for course writers, Methods of Teaching and many others” for which a considerable amount of training budget has been devoted & more than 400 employees have benefited.  Apart from this, there are indeed a good number of instructors & management officials who have been given scholarship for their first, second & PhD education programs as well as Post graduate diploma programs.

Apart from this, St. Mary’s University devises and provides several customized as well as standardized training programs on a number of relevant topics for different private enterprises, government organizations, and NGOs. It has highly qualified professional and experienced trainers as well as state of the art training facilities and equipments.  Some of the training topics, among other things, include:

      • Strategic Management
      • Leadership Skills Development
      • Computerized Accounting
      • FGE Accounting System
      • Government & NFP Accounting
      • Records Management
      • Communication Skills Development
      • Customer Handling
      • Supervisory Management
      • Human Resources Management…….

Besides, there are quite a number of Tailor Made training topics such as Business Planning, Contract Administration, Retail Management, Project Planning & Management, Financial Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Logistic & Supply Management, etc. In addition, The ICT Development and Support Unit (ICT Unit) of SMU has been established with the aim of using ICT in providing quality teaching-learning, research and outreach services to the community. One of the objectives of the unit is providing a high quality outreach services to the community. Among the services given by the ICT Unit are:

      •      Software development and customization
      •      Network and infrastructure
      •      ICT support and consultancy
      •      Training services
      •      Maintenance services

The unit is currently giving ICT based trainings to the outside community in the following areas:

·Basic computer skills /windows OS environment/

·Ms office 2007

·Web development

·Network installation and administration

·Database management (using Access, SQL server and Oracle)

·Unix/Linux OS

·Windows 2003 server environment

·Advanced programming courses

·Project management

·Statistical package

In addition to the above mentioned areas, the ICT unit is ready to give other ICT based trainings based on customers’ need. All the trainings are given by highly qualified professionals with fully furnished labs and readily available user manuals.

The ICT unit of the university further planed to give professional certification courses, including Cisco and Microsoft, soon.

Contact address:

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