Student Clubs

Students at SMU take part in a variety of extra-curricular activities and are members of clubs organized under SASO.


One of the clubs students at SMU enjoy is the Literature Club, where students present their literary works such as poetry to their peers. This monthly program is an eagerly awaited event that allows both presenters and attendants to express their views about their social environment in literature. In an attempt to learn from experienced local writers and poets, students hold experience sharing discussions and listen to some of the literary works of these renowned writers read aloud by the authors themselves.

Student Friday Talk-Show

Students of SMU enjoy Friday Student Talk-Show, which is held every Friday for a couple of hours. This Talk-Show, which has created opportunities for students to be assertive, forthright, and confident to speak in front of a large gathering, is run by students themselves with the support of SASO and Guidance and Counseling Unit of the University College. Students deliberate on issues of academic and social concern.


Students take part in a variety of sport activities. Among these, volleyball, football, and table tennis are few.