College of Open and Distance Learning (CODL) has been offering higher education and general secondary education through distance mode to those who have been unable to attend or complete campus-based education for a variety of personal and socio-economic reasons. It has also been carrying out research-related activities and delivering community services. Its educational services have been characterized by a wide choice of study programs and a commitment for quality. As successful, its research endeavors have resulted in its annual national open and distance education seminar organized for the past five years. Similarly, its community services have benefited individuals and organizations that have enjoyed its scholarship opportunities and donations. CODL’s undertakings and achievements are the one-side manifestations of the fact that St. Mary’s University (SMU) is really “Committed to excellence! “.   


Aspiring for excellence in teaching, research, publications and community services, CODL has put quality as its top priority. Quotably, it has been reorganizing itself to fit more to its purpose as it did when St. Mary’s became a University. As a result, the former Plan, Quality Assessment and Research Office of CODL have been restructured into Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) since March 2014.      



The QAU has set the following objectives to help CODL accomplish its mission and realize SMU’s vision:

      •  Ensure that activities of CODL are planned and implemented in line with SMU’s Strategic Plan.
      • Ensure that quality is assured in the accomplishment of CODL’s educational, research and outreach missions and ensure that research productivity is facilitated at CODL.    

Major Duties & Responsibilities of QAU

QAU is entrusted with the following duties and responsibilities.

      • Coordinating the preparation of CODL’s annual action plans, following up their implementation and evaluating CODL’s performance.
      • Coordinating the quality assurance activities of CODL.
      • Coordinating research-related activities of CODL.
      • Working closely with other concerned organs of SMU in matters of planning, quality assurance and research; and
      • Organizing and taking part in relevant consultative meetings, awareness-raising sessions, training programs and research forums.