Dear Graduates,

   It is with great pleasure that I congratulate you on your successful completion of your studies! Your commitment coupled with hard work and persistence has enabled you earn what you deserve. It is now time that you reflect on the arduous journey that has taken you this long and thank your families and friends who have stood by you through the difficult times.

Your studies must have contributed to what you do at your work place and help you bring the change you have been aspiring for. In life, you all have a part to play to make a difference. As the time-tested adage goes, “If you want to see change, you need to be the change you see in this world.”

You need to have the passion for working hard and have insatiable craving for knowledge through reading, education and experience. Only then can you become a model for your family and the community you live in.

As graduates of IGNOU, you will always remember St. Mary’s University for the services it provided you with and, above all, for bringing IGNOU’s programs home, where international programs were a rarity ten years back when the programs were launched at St. Mary’s.

I wish you success in your chosen career and have strong conviction that you put your achievements to good use, not only for yourself but also for the community at large.

Wondwosen Tamrat (Associate Professor)

President, St. Mary’s University