Dear Graduates,


It is with great happiness that the entire SMU community joins you in celebrating this momentous day, which marks the completion of your course of studies. Of course, this does not necessarily mean you are to stop your scholarly endeavors from now on. Some of you may still aspire for pursuing your further studies to broaden your knowledge and skills, while others have the desire to start work and take a break for quite some time. Yet there is one key component of your academic life from which you should not break away; reading. Unless you read about areas of your interest, you will certainly lag behind your friends who may have chosen the path that would lead them to life-long learning.

Taking note of what you have been through, you have now found yourself in momentary relief looking forward to applying the knowledge and skills you gained from your studies to the real world of work. That would require you additional reading, which would enhance your analytic ability away from conventional classrooms. Only then would you be able to see the fruits of your studies. The dissertation or the project you worked on would certainly give you the tool to handle complex research-worthy tasks. It is after encountering the challenging tasks that you would pass your verdict whether your expectations were met at St. Mary’s.

Finally, wishing you successful career opportunities, I hope you get networked with fellow graduates and share experiences with the ones who want to follow your tracks from now on.

Once again, congratulations!

Wondwosen Tamrat (Associate Professor)

Founder and President, St. Mary’s University