Major Duties and Responsibilities of the office

The major mission of the office is ……………….. (1)

Specifically, the main duties and responsibilities include:-

  1. Implementation of Apprenticeship by ensuring the complete placement of trainees at each level, conduct follow-up, collect the results and submit the compiled grade to the registrar.
  2. Facilitate the execution of practicum through:-
  3. -Placement of student-teachers to partner and non-partner schools, make sure that they conduct practicum effectively, collect evaluation results.
    -Assign tutors for practicum to a group of tutors and provide assistance to them when necessary.
  4. Create link and establish relationship, partnership with stakeholders and collaborators to facilitate internship and employment.
  5. Preparation of short – term training workshops:-
  6. -For staff to create awareness refreshment partners, stakeholders and collaborations to strengthen relationships.
  7.      Provide Vocational guidance and counseling services to students and maximize the quality of customer handling service of the office.
  8.     Facilitate employment opportunities of graduates through giving fast response to employers request and by establishing mutual relationships with potential employers. This employs outline services for job seekers and creating link with employers and agents.
  9.      Prepare necessary manuals which are necessary to facilitate its duties and responsibilities.