The Student Support Services Office (SSSO) works in collaboration with all departments and offices of St. Mary’s University(SMU) to support the vision and mission of the St. Mary's University(SMU). SSSO is responsible for all student support units, such as Guidance andCounselling, Student Wellness and Health Services, Student Development and Success Unit, Students’ Union and most studentcentredevents. It is the liaison between students and the administration of the SMU, as well.

Vision, Mission, Values and Goals

The vision, mission, values and goals of SSSO are extensions of the vision, mission, values and goals of SU. SSSO as an integral body of SMU plays a major role in shaping the future success of SMU. It is with a tremendous amount of pride and dedication that it pursues its vision, mission, values and goals.


SSSO strives to be a highly productive students’ support office that contributes greatly to the attainment of the vision of the university, by giving students support in issues that arise when they are  in SMU.


The mission of SSSO is to enable students complete their course of study most effectively, through orientation, advising, counselling, tutorials, health services, extracurricular and most student centred activities.


SSSO value each student’s ideals, dreams and aspirations as they seek to find meaning and their voices.

SSSO value each student’s potential, talent and passion.

SSSO value the spirit of community.  SSSO value open dialogue, mutual respect, trust, commitment to long term relationships and traditions which give a sense of belonging and as a result inspire cardinal pride in students.


      • Inspire a vibrant campus life and engaged student body
      • Celebrate tradition
      • Create a sense of purpose
      • Enhance services that meet the needs of students
      • Provide support to students and enable them be productive and creative citizens
      • Encourage students to be engaged in various extra-curricular activities, so that they develop healthy personality and avoid involving in harmful activities
      • Encourage students participate in community services
      • Encourage students search for and use their potential
      • Enhance the culture of team work among students
      • Assist students develop skills to access resources and services at SU which are helpful in transition to the University life

General Duties and Responsibilities of SSSO

      • Advocate for students
      • Organize orientation for new students
      • Organise students day (welcome events)
      • Organise farewell events
      • Provide students general information related to rules, regulations, procedures etc. of SMU
  • During orientation
  • On Friday  Coffee Ceremony Talk Show program
  • During Question and Answer Competition
      • Collaborate with other offices of SMU to enhance services that meet the needs of students
      • Give support to students that live with visible and invisible disabilities
  • When the schedule is prepared if the SSSO is made aware of any physical disability of  student/s it will make sure that the classes of the student are on the lower level of the building;
  • In collaboration with the Library and Documentation Office fetch books to the  student/s with physical disability
  • Support student/s with invisible disability according to their needs as much as it’s possible for SMU
      • Provide tutorials on major, supportive courses and the English Language
  • Department heads, instructor and/or students inform the Assistant Vice President of SSSO when a need arises for tutorial services. As per request, the Assistant Vice President of SSSO will organize tutorial classes.
      • SSSO collaborates with the Language Enhancement Training Centre to support students develop their English communication, oral presentation and writing skills.
      • Hearing students grievances and appeals and coordinating meetings to address issues