The University has one Chief Registrar and three Associate Registrars, one for the Regular Program, one for the School of Graduate Studies and another for CODL. The Registrars are academic staff members. The term of office for each Registrar is five years. The Chief Registrar reports to the EVP and shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

        1. prepare student registration forms and schedules for registration;
        2. ensure that student registration takes place according to the prepared plan of the university;
        3. ensure that academic records of students are maintained appropriately and systematically in the Office of the Registrar;
        4. prepare and compile a course catalogue for the university;
        5. prepare lists of prospective graduates and submit them to the Senate;
        6. coordinate and follow up the preparation of diplomas, certificates, transcripts and grade reports to be issued by the university;
        7. prepare the academic calendar of the university and submit it to the Senate for approval;
        8. ensure the implementation of the activities in the approved academic calendar of the university;
        9. coordinate the preparation of class and examination schedule of the university;
        10. Submit bi-annual and annual performance reports of the office to concerned offices; and carry out other relevant tasks assigned to her/him by the President and the EVP.