Establishment History

The Office of the Registrar started functioning since the establishment of the university in 1998, aiming at handling student admission, issuing academic calendars and keeping academic records of enrolled students. The Office underwent several restructuring and got its current shape through evolutionary change.



Providing adequate and efficient services to the academic community of the University is the primary mission of the Registrar. To this end, three Associate Registrars run the Office’s functions at undergraduate programs, School of Graduate Studies and College of Open and Distance Learning. The major operational areas of the Office include Admission and Enrollment Services, Academic Document Processing, and Student Services. Each of these operations is headed by an Assistant Registrar answerable to the respective Associate Registrar.


Duties and Responsibilities of the Office

The Registrar’s Office has the following major responsibilities:

      • develops and implements systems to maintain student academic records;
      • administers storage, security, accuracy and preservation of academic credentials in accordance with the University policy, Ministry of Education standards and privacy laws;
      • prepares academic calendar and presents it to the university senate for approval;
      • interprets and enforces academic rules and regulations
      • manages academic records and transcript processing;
      • ensures the implementation of activities in line with the academic calendar of the university;
      • coordinates the preparation and compilation of course catalogue;
      • produces lists of students recommended for graduation and presents same to the university senate for approval;
      • prepares original diplomas to be issued by the university;
      • prepares the Office’s annual plan and ensures its appropriate implementation;
      • prepares and submits quarterly and annual performance reports of the Office to the Center for Educational Improvement and Quality Assurance (CEIQA);
      • produces different statistical reports related to student attrition and retention;
      • ensures the smooth running of the data base system of the Office of the Registrar.

Current and past achievements

The Office has been assisting the Top Management in its effort to make informed decisions to improve student services by providing evidence-based information. It periodically issues up-to-date data on student progression. This includes student enrollment, graduation, withdrawal and dropout. In this regard, it has produced overall student attrition and retention statistics of the last 10 years, which can be used as input for intervention in the teaching-learning and administrative processes. The Office also compiles data on instructor absenteeism and conduct of makeup classes for any missed hours. In addition to organizing and producing different statistical information, the Office has automated its system and has enabled students to access diverse information and their grades on their mobile sets. In the last two years, it has also created an SMS platform by which the entire university community can be able to receive and send messages of academic interest.

Entrance requirements

The Office of the Registrar admits applicants who meet the admission requirements set by the Ministry of Education.

                                                  Available Fields of Studies
Undergraduate Programs (Regular/Extension)
      • Computer Science  
      • Accounting and Finance
      • Marketing Management
      • Management
      • Tourism and Hospitality Management

Post Graduate Programs                                            

      • MBA in General Management
      • MBA in Accounting and Finance
      • MBA (with HRM Concentration)
      • Quality and Productivity Management      
      • Rural Development                                                      
      • Project Management                                                                                                    
      • Marketing Management
      • Computer Science
College of Open and Distance Learning (Distance)
      • Accounting
      • Management
      • Marketing Management
      • Finance and Development Economics
      • Rural Development
      • Agricultural Extension
      • Agribusiness Management
      • Cooperatives (Accounting & Auditing)
      • Cooperative (Business Management)
      • Educational Planning & Management
      • Economics
      • Sociology
      •  Agricultural Economics
      • Public Administration and Development Management

Post Graduate Programs in partnership with IGNOU (Distance)

      • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
      • MSW (Master of Art in Social Work)
      • MEC (Master of Arts in Economics)
      • MPA (Master of Arts in Public Administration)
      • MARD (Master of Arts in Rural Development)
      • MSO (Master of Arts in Sociology)
      • MPS (Master of Arts in Political Science)
      • MCOM (Master of Commerce)




Undergraduate programs(Undergraduate Campus)


PBX: +251 11 553 80 1/20/21

Associate Registrar’s Office:+2511155380 17

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Addis Ababa

School of Graduate Studies (Main Campus)

Telephone:+251 11 558 0612

Chief Registrar’s Office: +251 11 554 66 69

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P. O. Box: 1211/18940

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College of Open and Distance Learning

(Main Campus)

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Associate Registrar’s Office: +251-11 550 47 62/63

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P. O. Box: 1211/18940

Addis Ababa