The EVP is appointed by and reports to the President and shall be in charge of overseeing the operations of the Research and Knowledge Management Office, the Center for Educational Improvement and Quality Assurance, the ICT Development and Support Unit, Gender and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office, the Testing Center and the Registrar. He/she shall serve on behalf of the President, as and when delegated, and do other duties as assigned by the President. The EVP shall be an academic staff member of a department that offers courses pertinent to his/her qualification.

The EVP shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

a)      Providing leadership in ensuring the execution of periodic internal quality audit and the issuance of institutional annual plans and performance reports;

b)      Providing leadership in the implementation of ICT related infrastructure;

c)       Ensuring the preparation and administration of institutional standard exams conducted by the TC;

d)      Overseeing and facilitating annual seminars and conferences organized by RAKMO;

e)      Facilitating the publication of newsletters and bulletins prepared by centers and offices reporting to it;

f)       Ascertaining the mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS related content in the undergraduate curricula;

g)      Ensuring gender related issues are addressed periodically;

h)      Working with the President and other Vice Presidents to promote diversity within the University and to support existing University programs designed to create a welcoming environment for everyone;

i)        Giving support to institutional endeavors toward attaining the University’s goals.

j)        Recommending to the President the appointment and promotion of officers in line with institutional rules and regulations;

k)      Liaising and establishing contact with local and international institutions;

l)        Initiating project proposals toward securing grants;