The VPBA is the highest responsible authority for overseeing the administrative and resource aspects of the university. The VPBA shall be appointed by and reports to the President.

The VPBA shall have the duties and responsibilities to:

        1. Advise and assist the President in matters related to finance and administration;
        2. Direct and coordinate, in agreement with the President, the general limits of the administrative and financial activities of the university;
        3. Coordinate and approve the finance and budget, up-grade and maintain systems efficiency and control the general operations of the university;
        4. Ensure that necessary support, which enables the university deliver efficient services to its customers, is provided from the admin wing;
        5. Develop schemes for staff development and ensure their implementations;
        6. Ensure that recruitment and promotion of admin staff takes place as per the university rules and regulations;
        7. Provide leadership on efficient management of facilities and resources;
        8. Ensure the provision of guidelines on the proper development and maintaining of the physical facilities and equipment;
        9. Promote and run development projects for revenue generation;
        10. Develop and maintain smooth working relationships between the administrative service units, and the academic branch; and
        11. Perform all other duties as may be assigned to him/her by the President, the Senate and a Senate standing committee of the university.