The AVP is appointed by and reports to the President of SMU and be the chief operating officer in charge of undergraduate and graduate programs. He/she shall be an academic staff member of a department that offers courses pertinent to his/her qualification.

The AVP shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

a)      Overseeing the overall academic activities of the University in the conventional mode of learning;

b)      Providing support to departments and faculties to promote excellence in teaching-learning and research;

c)       Chairing key senate standing committees and graduate council meetings;

d)      Giving support to and overseeing the activities of the Student Support Services Office;

e)      providing support to department chairs and/or faculty deans in implementing strategies and policies related to course and program development and teaching-learning and assessment issues;

f)       Organizing and facilitating skills upgrading workshops and training for faculty and students;

g)      Working closely with the Program Expansion and Development office to initiate new programs;

h)      Overseeing the standards of student admissions are met;

i)        Promoting the continued development of the University’s strategic plan and goals;

j)        Ensuring that the staff members are engaged in community services;

k)      Recruiting and firing the academic staff in the regular and extension divisions;

l)        Overseeing the activities of all operational units reporting to the AVP;

m)    Liaising and establishing contact with local and international institutions; and

n)      Facilitate the formulation and implementation of institutional plans at strategic, tactical and operational level;