The 10th Multi-disciplinary Seminar, organized by the Research and Knowledge Management Office, SMU, was held on 23 August, 2018 (Nehasie 17, 2010 E.C), at St. Mary’s University, Multipurpose Hall, Undergraduate Campus. The Seminar aimed at promoting innovation and the culture of knowledge transfer among academicians, researchers, development agents and practitioners. The Seminar was also intended to help institutions to develop problem-solving skills through research activities and thereby contribute to the overall national development.

The Seminar, which witnessed
14 scholarly papers from diverse disciplines and cross-cutting themes, had paper pre­senters drawn from eight different private and public higher learning institutions, including St. Mary’s University, and a public organization. The papers covered issues related to Ethiopian Foreign Policy and Federalism, ICT, Climate, Health, Education, and Gender. Papers presented at the Seminar will be published in the Proceedings as is the case every year and shall be disseminated to pertinent bodies.