Tesfa Football Club

St. Mary’s University’s Tesfa Female Football Club, the supporting wing of St. Mary’s Female Football Club, won a Trophy of the 2010E.C./2018 Addis Ababa Football Federation Higher Division, which was concluded on 26 May 2018, at the ceremony held at the Addis Ababa Stadium. In recognition of their achievement, the University awarded financial prize and certificates to selected best players, goal scorers and their coaching staff at the ceremony held at its Midir Babur Campus on the same day.

As part of fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, St. Mary’s University established the main SMU Female Football Club and its supporting wing, Tesfa Club. Tesfa Female Football Club is set up to serve as a pool for producing potential players for the main club and this has been realized.

SMU congratulates the leadership, players and coaching staff of the Club and the University’s community at large on the great achievement the Club has registered.