The Research and Knowledge Management Office (RaKMO) of St. Mary University recognized best researchers and participants of the University by awarding certificates at a ceremony held on January 4, 2018. The occasion was started by welcoming remarks delivered by Dr. Kebede Kassa, Director of RaKMO of the University. Following this, an opening speech was made by Mr. Tedla Haile, Executive Vice President of the University. The Executive Vice President Emphasized the importance of recognizing best performers as it encourages them to continue doing the same in the future and others to follow their footsteps. He also appreciated the RaKMO for arranging such an event and congratulated recipients of the Award.

Then, Dr. Kebede Kassa reiterated the importance of recognizing staff based on best performance and presented the criteria used to select this year’s recipients. The criteria used to select best researchers mainly focused on active participation in the in-house research activities and participation in knowledge sharing platforms organized by the University. Following his brief remarks, the Executive Vice President handed out certificates to the selected researchers, namely Dr. Melaku Girma, Professor Tenkir Bonger (PhD) and Dr. Samuel Dermas. Staffs recognized as best participants included: Dr. Elias Nour; Ato Yalew Gorfu and W/ro Mekdes Adane.

Finally, the floor was opened for brief discussions on the way ahead. Accordingly, the audience raised the following issues to be considered for future:

      1. The criteria should also consider efforts of authors who publish articles in reputable journals, book chapters and contribution for bulletins etc.
      2. The number of participants should be large enough since the intention is to encourage others to be best performers in their respective field of work (expanding the audience); and
      3. The RaKMO should strengthen the knowledge management system of the University and ensure proper documentation of activities related to research, publication, and knowledge transfer initiatives.