St. Mary’s University conducted a two-hour refresher training session on how to guide student research projects to the academic staff of Accounting Department at the Undergraduate Program. The event took place on 6 January 2018 at the Staff Room of the Department (Undergraduate Campus) and attended by about 20 staff. 

The program was organized by the Head, Department of Accounting, Ato Girum Tadesse and the training was offered by Dr. Kebede Kassa, Director of RaKMO. This is part of the ongoing effort of RaKMO, in partnership with the various departments, units and programs, to upgrade/refresh skills of staff on different dimensions of research including those conducted by students. 



The training highlighted, among others, the basics of scientific research, the steps in doing academic research and the need to avoid academic misconduct, including plagiarism. The session revitalized staff interest in research and triggered a lot of pertinent questions, suggestions and recommendations for the future. Some of the key recommendations made by the participants include the need to ensure the continuity of such targeted and tailor-made training sessions by professional trainers in respective fields. Participants also emphasized the importance of giving such training programs to students, in addition to their course in research methods, right from the first year to their graduation. 



RaKMO took note of the recommendations and assured the staff that everything possible shall be made to expand the training to both staff and students based on "felt-and-spelt needs" of different stakeholders.