The undergraduate campus community celebrated the 12th Nations and Nationalities Day on December 8, 2017. The event had two parts. In the morning, an article on Federalism was presented by Ato Abas Mohammed from the Department of Basic Courses. His presentation covered international experiences from countries which have the Federal type of governance and attempted to explain in relation to the Ethiopian Federal structure. Following his presentation, there was a discussion session in which questions were raised from students and staff seeking clarity on the matter.


The part of the event held in the afternoon was organized by the Student Union and the Student Support and Services Office. It had series of activities with intermittent cultural songs reflecting the cultural diversity of the country. A very large group of students wearing cultural outfits swung with the tune of the folk songs. Dramatic performance, based on historical events, was also presented by students of Tegbarei'd College attracting the audience by their artistic skills. The open-air activities ended late in the afternoon making the event a memorable one.