The Research and Knowledge Management Office, of St. Mary University, conducted a one-day research capacity building training on“qualitative research methods”to staff of the University which was held on 29/09/2017. The trainer, Director, Research and Knowledge Management Office of the University, Dr. Kebede Kassa, delivering the lecture emphasized on the concept, typology, sampling methods, methods of data collection and analysis in qualitative research methods.

The training was conducted in a participatory manner; employing a two-way training technique where trainees actively participated in the program in terms of asking questions, expressing their concerns and sharing their experiences and viewpoints.

Some of the qualitative research methods covered in the training includes phenomenology, ethnographic field research, grounded theory, historical research, case study and action research. In each of the aforementioned types the importance, scarcity of research outputs using qualitative approach, context in which each could be applied was clearly stated. Moreover, the training focused on different qualitative sampling technique such as convenience, snowball, quota sampling, etc. In-depth interview, focused group discussion and observation are some of qualitative data collection technique highlighted in the training.