The Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management is one of the major departments at St. Mary’s University which was established in 2013. At present, the department offers services to hundreds of students in its undergraduate program. The program is geared toward producing qualified youth and adults who meet the skilled work-force needs of the country and those who aspire to involve in self-supportive activities.


Admission Requirements

Students wishing to join the department are required to meet the minimum entry requirements set by the Ministry of Education (MoE).


Programs and Duration

The BA in Tourism and Hospitality Management is a three-year full-time program. However, the duration of the program for extension students is four to five years. In each semester, full-time students would take a maximum of eighteen credit hours. The maximum semester credit hours taken by extension students are Twelve.

Students registered under this program are required to undertake research as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the BA Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management offered by the Department.