The Faculty of Accounting and Finance, Undergraduate Program, formerly named Department of Accounting under the then School of Business, was launched in 1998 offering diploma program. It took its present shape in November 2016 with the view to provide efficient and quality service to the rapidly growing number of students joining the Faculty and meet the skilled workforce requirements of the labor market.


The Faculty of Accounting and Finance, Undergraduate Program, offers training in the field of Accounting and Finance at undergraduate level.


The day-to-day operations of the Faculty of Accounting and Finance Undergraduate Program are overseen by the Faculty Dean. Issues pertaining to policy and institutional development are discussed and endorsed by the Faculty Academic Commission, whose members constitute, teaching staff of the Faculty of Accounting and Finance, the Dean and a student representative. The secretary of the commission is elected from the members. Faculty Academic Commission meetings are normally held fortnightly.


Admission Requirements

Candidates can apply for admission to a degree program if they fulfill the minimum requirements set by the MoE. Applicants who completed TVET must produce a certificate that proves their competence at Level 4 by a regional Center of Competence Agency. Such a candidate is also required to have one year of relevant work experience in the field and needs to score a passing mark in entrance exam prepared and administered by SMU.


The Faculty encourages applicants who demonstrate motivation, desire, and the potential to benefit from and contribute to the program of study.


Programs and Duration

The Degree Program in Accounting and Finance is a three-year program for regular and four years for extension students enrolled in accordance with the admission requirements set by the Ministry of Education. Students registered under this program are also required to undertake research selecting a topic in their major area, as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the BA Degree in Accounting and Finance.


In addition to the aforementioned program, the Faculty offers various short-term training to the business community.


Present and Past Achievements

The Faculty, since its launch of the degree program in 2004, has made it mandatory for all students to work on a senior project in their final year to help them build and enhance research and team-work skills. Moreover, students have benefited from our internship program, which exposes them to the world of work. The Faculty, through the years, has also been actively engaging in community services by way of giving training to Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs). At present, in terms of sheer number of students and staff, it is the largest in the University.



Undergraduate Campus

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