The Department of Management is one of the major departments at St. Mary’s University. At present, the department offers services to hundreds of students in its undergraduate. The programs are geared toward producing qualified youth and adults who meet the skilled work-force needs of the country, and involve in self-supportive activities.

Admission Requirements

Candidates can apply for admission to a degree program if they fulfill the minimum passing grade as set by the Ministry of Education on annual basis, upon completion of the Preparatory Program or complete Diploma (10+3) or Level IV from a college accredited by MoE/ or Regional Education bureaus, minimum Level IV and pass the national competence tests. Such a candidate is also expected to have one year of relevant work experience in the field and need the passing mark in entrance exam prepared and administered by the institution.

The department encourages applicants who demonstrate motivation, desire, and the potential to benefit from, and contribute to, the programs of study.

Program duration

The Degree Program in Management is a three-year program for regular students enrolled in accordance with the admission requirements set by the Ministry of Education. The duration for extension students who join the department securing their degree depends on their course exemption. It, however, takes five years for students who join the department without having taken any course in any higher education institution.

In addition to the aforementioned programs, the department offers various short-term training to the business community.

Moreover, students can shift from the regular program to the extension program, and vice versa. The program comprises 26 major courses, 5 common courses and 8 supportive courses. The total numbers of credit hours students attending this program take are 113. Students registered under this program are also required to undertake a research selecting a topic in their major areas, as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the BA Degree in Management offered by the University.

Graduation Requirements

A student who completes the three years of study successfully taking all the required courses and the minimum number of credit hours of 112 with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 will be awarded BA degree in Management. No ‘F’ and ‘NG’ grade in any course is accepted.