The major duty of the Material Production Unit of SMU-CODL is to produce standardized and quality course Materials (Modules) for distance learners. To this end, it has acquired many state-of-the art printing machines with the capacity of duplicating thousands of pager per hour. With the introduction of such printing technology, the unit has embarked on enabling learners to get eye-catching and reader-friendly modules.

To help the University meet its objectives, the Unit:

  • Ensures that all courses have readily available modules;
  • Works towards developing high-quality printed material with good color composition;
  • Monitors copies of modules to ensure that a sufficient number is available for enrolled students;
  • Categorizes modules according to their subject area;
  • Keeps the record of all materials upon receipt and dispatch, and keeps stock of the materials; and
  • Records the number of modules that are not fit for dispatch due to low quality and reports the same to the pertinent office.