Since its establishment in 1992 E.C., the College Open and Distance Learning(CODL) has been making all efforts possible to provide quality distance education to its learners all over the country. With the view to facilitate efficient service delivery, be it academic or administrative, different Offices, Sections and Units had been organized, among which, Office of Centers Management is the one. The office remained shouldering the huge responsibility of coordinating the multifaceted activities of units like Production and Distribution Unit, Information Communication and Regional Centers Coordination Desk and Tutorial and Assessment Unit until 1996 E.C. From 1997 – 1998 E.C. the Office underwent substantial restructuring which led it to coordinate four Regional Desks namely Northern Ethiopia, Oromia, Southern and Western Ethiopia and Central and Eastern Ethiopia Centers Coordination Desks set up under it.

By the end of July, 2003 E.C., the College Open and Distance Learning(CODL) felt the need to revise the existing Organizational structure for optimum service delivery. The Office has, therefore, been recently organized consisting two units under it which administer 12 Regional/Main offices, eighty-three Coordination Centers and fifty-five eighty Offices. Currently, as the revised structure of the College Open and Distance Learning(CODL) has been developed and approved by the Senate of St. Mary's University(SMU), the Office of Centers Management is given the task of coordinating the activities of four Units: Learning Materials Need Identification and store management Unit, Material Distribution Unit and and two regional offices coordination Units.