Brief Establishment History

The Faculty of International Programs (FIPs) of St. Mary’s University (SMU) was establishedin 2016as International Programs Coordination Office to manage the overall operations of the International Postgraduate Programs. As of November 2016, the Coordination Office has been upgraded to Faculty of International Programs to expand its outreach to multi-International Programs.

SMU, in partnership with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has been offering diverse postgraduate programs in Ethiopia since 2006. These include Masters of Business Administration, Masters in Public Administration, Masters in Sociology, Masters in Social Work, Masters of commerce, Masters in Economics, and Masters in Rural Development. The Faculty provides the opportunity to access to quality higher education flexibly thus allowing learners pursue their education without being limited by space, pace, and duration of the study and cater for learners’ needs.

Currently, the FIPs is working on expansion of programs of the university to reach more eligible students to contribute to the country’s knowledgeable and skilled manpower needs. The Faculty is working on “providing easy access to all those who desire to improve their qualifications, skills, and competence by taking education to the doorsteps of people living even in remote and rural areas.”

Areas of responsibility

The FIPs is responsible to facilitate and serve as primary point-of-contact for international programs. It is responsible for the Faculty of International Programs operations including program planning, execution and development, coordination and facilitation of academic counseling of students’ tutorials, continuous assessments, examinations, project works and field practicum. It also gives advisory services to students and help them focus their research works on country-related issues; ensures International education program curriculum; facilitates the development and integration of courses into Ethiopian curriculum context. The Faculty is also responsible for establishing and maintaining professional networks with relevant national and international institutions to initiate new areas of studies while maintaining the existing programs’ smooth operation and educational qualities.

Past and current engagements

The FIPs runs eight International Programs of SMU-IGNOU. The program has been able to attract students from different walks of life. These include students working for Federal and Regional Governmental Organizations, Local and International Non Governmental Organizations, Private organizations, United Nations different agencies, African Union, Diplomatic Missions and self–sponsored individuals. The program’s geographical coverage includes accessible and non-accessible remote areas of the country. The well designed self-study materials of the programs assisted the students to be successful. The graduates filled the skilled manpower gap at national and international levels. The programs of SMU-IGNOU are demand driven and fit to any part of the globe. Our Graduates are found in all parts of the world in diverse sectors.

The faculty is working on diverse and felt need based programs to enhance the skilled manpower of the nation. Currently, it engages in establishing partnership with different universities to commence Postgraduate programs in business and development, quality management and humanitarian services. The Faculty is intensively working on the requirements to make them operational in the very near future.


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